Health & Safety Commitment 

Surerus Pipeline Inc. is deeply committed to putting its Health and Safety commitments, policies, and procedures into practice every day, at every site, ensuring our projects are completed safely.

Our policies are integral to our organization because they protect our employees and clients, the environment and the public from the far-reaching effects of serious incidents caused by unsafe work practices or conditions. Our policies allow us to grow our business and continue our role as an employer and as a significant contributor in our community.

Surerus is committed to the relentless pursuit of Zero Harm to People, the Environment and Property.

All employees will comply with regulatory requirements that govern our industry and, along with subcontractors and visitors, are subject to disciplinary action, dismissal or legal action for knowingly violating safety rules. Individuals who do not fulfil their responsibilities under the Health and Safety policies will be held accountable for any problems incurred by their negligence and may be liable under the law.

Health & Safety Responsibilities 

• Promote a safety conscious work culture • Support supervisory personnel with input and participate in safety program
• Identify and control hazards • Obey all safety rules and follow safe work procedures
• Communicate/investigate hazards and incidents • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment at all times
• Ensure competency assessment and training is provided for employees • Attend safety meetings
• Supply employees with approved and appropriate personal protective equipment • Participate in training programs
• Refuse unsafe work at all times • Refuse unsafe work at all times

Surerus’ Health and Safety program protects lives and is a source of pride within our organization. Fulfilling our safety responsibilities means everyone who works for Surerus will share the benefits of a safe workplace.


Contact Surerus:

HEAD OFFICE: 250.785.2423

For General Inquiries:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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